3 Piece Train Track Mould Pack

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The Old Alaska has been involved with Precious Plastic for years now. We love this project that Dave Hakkens started, and have been pushing the envelope with automated injection machines and moulds since we got involved.

This 3 pack of train track moulds is a great way to turn HEAPS of plastic waste into useful products!
These train tracks are a cheap way to start making product, as this pack includes ALL THREE track sections.

Due to the size of the parts, this product moves a large amount of plastic. If you have plastic building up and need a product that uses lots of it, then consider these tracks.

Start making recycled plastic train tracks today - they are compatible with all wooden train tracks of that size (Brio style)

The plastic in the photos is LDPE from milk bottle lids, however the mould could be used with any plastic type you're comfortable using on your injection moulding machine.

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    — Launch a Product Fast! —

    With all three track types in one pack, make product faster! With our three pack of train track parts, while one part is being demoulded another can be injected - meaning faster workflows, more sellable product, and more plastic diverted from landfill.